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Pursuing dream life, we are on the way - Theme sharing of new college students of SINOTRUK group

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/01/10 Read:

On December 17, 2019, Tan Xuguang, chairman of SINOTRUK group, took time out of his busy schedule to hold a meeting for the new college students in 2019. He shared his own experience on the road of 40 years' hard work with the theme of "my dream pursuing life".
"Only when there is a dream can there be motivation. Young people should constantly dream, pursue and realize their dreams.". In the face of the ardent hope of chairman Tan of SINOTRUK group, as a young man in the new era, the new employees of SINOTRUK truck company are determined to set up their lofty aspirations, light their dreams with passion, strive hard, and reflect their life value on the development platform of SINOTRUK.

Ma Wenshan: only by establishing the concept of lifelong learning can we keep pace with the times and advance with the world. Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared. We young people need to have a sense of hardship, overall situation, unity, and a spirit of struggle.

Sun Pengfei: maybe, the road of chasing dreams is covered with thorns, but every time chasing dreams is a constant enrichment of life, a gorgeous transformation of life! Chairman Tan has created a dream for the new development of SINOTRUK, and we are rowing the oars of SINOTRUK's big ship, carrying our own small dream, sailing on the sail of SINOTRUK dream, heading for a better future.

Chen Chuhui: youth is not for remembering. Youth is for striving. The process of striving is also the process of pursuing dreams. We should have the spirit of "No. 1 is to be confused", never flinch in the pursuit of dreams, hand in hand, integrate personal dreams into the dream of SINOTRUK, and contribute youth to the development of the company!