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Sinotruk truck men struggle in South America

Source Of The Article : SINOTRUK Release Time : 2020/04/22 Read:

With the steady economic growth in the past decade, Bolivia's infrastructure construction began to rise, and the commercial mixed industry entered the track of rapid development. The Bolivian Office of the Americas Department of SINOTRUK carried out a detailed market research, formulated the strategy of "bow as strong" key customers, quickly communicated with the largest commercial mixed company in Bolivia and formulated a special cooperation plan according to the needs of customers. After unremitting efforts, we finally won the company's order for 35 cement mixers in 2018 and another order for 30 cement mixers in early 2019 As a result, sinotruk has successfully become the industry leader in the local cement mixer Market.

        Bolivia has a good relationship with China. Political mutual trust has brought about cooperation in the economic field. Since 2014, a large number of Chinese construction enterprises have entered Bolivia and contracted for large-scale infrastructure projects. Sinotruk office summed up the "characteristics and pain points" of Chinese enterprises through various communication with Chinese enterprises. Through a series of targeted measures, sinotruk obtained more than 600 vehicle orders in the past five years.